About Us

Relaxing the mind and body is vital for a healthy lifestyle, no matter what age you are. At Poya Organics & Spa, we want to help you to relieve your clientele's stress and leave them feeling rejuvenated.

We believe the spa experience is about much more than outer beauty. Our treatments are developed to feed your skin with nourishing natural elements that support relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.

Preserving and enhancing one's beauty is an on-going endeavour. To help you maintain that beauty, we use natural ingredients in our products that protect the most delicate skin. Many commercial products in the market today use irritating ingredients that can damage sensitive skin. Whether you are performing a massage, scrub, or body wrap, our products will ensure that you are using the best natural ingredients available for your clients - and yourself. We have done extensive research, testing, and analysis to create this remarkable line of products and to assure you that our products adhere to the highest standards while offering you the best value for your investment.

Our Company

Poya Organics & Spa is a subsidiary of New Directions Aromatics Inc., a successful North American wholesaler of natural beauty-care products and raw materials including essential oils, carrier oils, cosmetic bases and botanical extracts. Since its inception in 1998, New Directions Aromatics Inc. has accrued over 15 years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. New Directions Aromatics Inc. owns and operates a facility which is ISO, USDA and Kosher certified, supported by a team that includes Product Specialists, Customer Care Specialists, and Chemists as well as Aromatherapists.

With offices in London, San Francisco, Dubai and Australia, we are able to bring a broader global perspective to the spa market by being aware of the latest trends in the beauty industry, closely following the recent developments pertaining to this dynamic sector.

Our Team

The professionalism of our production staff is unparalleled, putting personal care into every product we create. At Poya Organics & Spa, we own a well facilitated research lab operated by experienced chemists who continually work on the research and development of effective products using natural ingredients. Before being added to the Poya product line, our products are put through extensive consumer testing. Finally, our operations team works diligently to ensure that each and every product meets our high standards of quality.

History of the Poya Name

In Sri Lanka, the Buddhists celebrate Poya Day monthly on each day of the full moon. Following the lunar calendar, the Buddhists put aside their worldly duties on Poya Day to visit their temple for worship and reflection, and to renew and rejoice in their blessings. Poya Day is thus a time to celebrate life and a chance to enjoy and appreciate everything it offers.

Continuing in this tradition and valuing the importance of this pious day, we invite all to take some time out from their daily routine to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


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