At POYA, we have a long-standing history with ancient naturopathic practices such as Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. We've travelled around the globe to understand the diverse therapeutic practices of various cultures and have infused this knowledge into all our POYA formulations to bring you the best of the world’s natural skincare and spa recipes. We hope you love it as much as we do!


POYA: A Sanskrit term derived from Buddhist rituals that focus on cleansing, renewing and having a strong connection to nature and the universe to bring inner harmony.

Our approach to skincare and developing great products is the same – connect with nature to use the purest and most healing ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals, and our skin and hair will thank us for it. This is why we’ve scoured the planet to ethically source pure and natural ingredients from 6 continents. By using powerfully potent extracts and oils from renowned botanicals, as well as countless other wholesome ingredients, we aim to keep our products simple but luxurious and effective.


At POYA, we focus on harmony with nature, with ourselves, and with the planet. That means we only source ingredients that are certified natural, farmed using sustainable and ethical practices, and free from animal testing.

As a member of organizations like the Global Shea AllianceTM, POYA promotes fair trade practices and supports the local farming communities that work hard to provide us with the best hand-picked ingredients available.
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