Composed of restorative and smoothing ingredients that allow for undemanding, relaxing massage experiences, our various Massage bases exhibit easy gliding action across the skin and, when necessary, the ideal amount of friction. While all of our Bases soothe tired skin and muscles with their refreshing coolness, they are also suited to individual requirements for variable skin types. Through massage, they work to enhance circulation, improve the skin’s moisture and health, and to slow the look of aging. All of our Massage mediums are formulated into products of light, silky consistencies that contribute to their easy workability in slower, relaxing massages as well as in deep-tissue massages with firmer pressure. Without leaving a greasy residue, our quality ingredients nurture and invigorate weary, dry, rough, and overloaded skin with ultra-hydrating emollients as well as with the protective, restorative properties of naturally-derived vitamins. Each of our Bases is characterized by an ideal viscosity that lends it a luxurious feel, and each one can be further customized with the addition of Botanical Extracts, Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Raw Materials.

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