Our collection of Muds is known to have rich formulas that eliminate skin impurities, nourish and firm the skin, balance skin tone, and thereby give the complexion a revitalized appearance with a natural radiance. Rich in trace elements and essential minerals that the body craves, our Muds can be applied like masks to the face or the entire body to cleanse the skin while enhancing its texture and resilience. Infused with hydrating carrier oils and supplemented with absorbent clays that draw out grime and pollutants, POYA Muds are reputed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines caused by stress and age. With exfoliating properties, our Muds work to deeply cleanse and remove excess oils and toxins, as well as any other impurities that cause the pores to become congested. By gently buffing away dead skin, they promote the regeneration of newer, healthier-looking skin. With regular use, POYA Muds are known to ease muscular tension and joint pain, to enhance circulation, to boost the health and function of the immune system, and to promote a rejuvenated appearance for the entire body. With easy spreadability, our Muds glide onto the skin in smooth layers that leave the skin itself feeling not only smoother, but also strengthened, balanced, and beautified. They are ideal for use on any area of skin requiring firming, moisturizing, and smoothing action, such as areas afflicted with cellulite, dryness, or blemishes.

With exfoliating, smoothing, and purgative properties, POYA Scrubs are formulated to polish away oil, dirt, roughness, and dead cells to promote the look of cleaner and clearer skin, leaving it feeling cool, renewed, softened, and invigorated. Enriched with conditioning and nourishing carrier oils and fortified with botanical extracts as well as antioxidants, our Scrubs are formulated to offer gentle purifying and stimulating action to promote an appearance that is toned and refined. To further enhance their efficacy and to add a touch of personal customization, our Scrubs can be combined with Essential Oils and raw materials, depending on the desired results. Being free of chemicals, our Scrubs are suited to even the most sensitive skin and can not only promote skin’s radiance but can also gently reveal newer, healthier skin, thereby decreasing the visibility of small blemishes. Our Scrubs can be implemented into relaxing, aromatic bath salt blends and poultices as well as recipes for natural spray deodorants. Alternatively, they make ideal additions to DIY pedicure regimens and can get legs ready for a closer shave.

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